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Dermatitis the most frequent occupational disease
Occupational skin diseases are by far the most frequent health risk at work. More than 25 percent of all occupational diseases are skin related. Between the ages of 15 and 25, the percentages even rise as high as 90 percent. Many occupational dermatitis issues run a chronic course, especially if they are not recognized and treated in time.It is estimated that up to 5 billion euros are lost annually in European industries due to a loss of productivity caused by occupational skin diseases. Small and medium-sized companies, where industrial safety and occupationalmedical care are not always available, are impacted the most.

Consequences for affected persons and society
Loss of manpower, retraining, disability and medical costs occupational skin diseases result in higher costs for the economy and the healthcare system. But above all, they are a high personal stress factor for the affected persons, who often are no longer able to pursue their profession. Quite often, loss of social status is the result. In addition to the occupational difficulties, affected persons suffer from considerable restrictions in their everyday life. Serious skin diseases reduce quality of life as severely as the consequences of a cardiac infarction or an apoplectic stroke. Furthermore, the disfiguring effect of many dermatitis cases may have a negative psychological impact resulting in withdrawal from society and depression.

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The Philosophy of Physioderm®

"Almost 100 years of competence and experience stand behind the Physioderm® program for occupational skin protection. It is our ultimate ambition to avoid occupational dermatitis. For this reason, we pursue an integrated approach to emphasize not only the dermatological effectiveness, but also the practical usability. We constantly work on new, more efficient and user-friendly solutions. As a result, we are proud to offer innovative concepts and high quality products."

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